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It’s only the favoured who get to follow their passion and make it a way of life. The making of “Zanya Wellness Private Limited” is the story of a dream, grit and overriding passion to follow ones calling. The script unravelled now goes like this.

Who We Are

Sowing the Zanya seeds

Once upon a time, there was a committed corporate executive firmly saddled in her secure life. It was over 14 years in the grind when things gradually started getting under her skin. The monotony, perhaps, was taking its toll, she thought. Putting a finger on the cause of her restlessness was evading her. And then, after much introspection appeared the Eureka moment. Revelation dawned. She realised that the cushion the job offered was, in reality, suppressing her creativity. There had to be a way out. It was never going to be easy, though. Tough decisions were needed to be taken and adhered to.

A fleet of naysayers, however, wanted her to accept the regimental life that ensured a hassle-free future. But the rebel in her had already taken the leap; her decision was made. As it unfolds, November 2013 was the defining moment in Shilp’a life. It was the time she decided to get out of her comfort zone to instead provide comfort and ease to the many. She pulled the plug on her 14 year plus corporate career. Her lifelong calling of creating her mark in wellness and beauty could no longer be relegated to the background.

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Founder Note

Hope you all are doing well and are as vivacious as can be. I’m thrilled to use this small window of opportunity to communicate with you… my fellow-seekers. Holistic wellness and beauty, since ages, have been sought across cultures and civilizations – the search continues unabated. Soldiering on, we keep trying to strike the right balance between our inner and outer selves. In fact, finding the golden mean between the two drives most if not all of.

With pressing timelines inducing high-stress levels healing from within is paramount. Spa sessions, once considered a luxury, today, are a much-needed source to regain the positive energy and wellness quotient for a fulfilling life.

A true wellness experience for me goes beyond using fancy equipment and putting in the hard hours. It is much more personal. It is about the therapists and the practitioners. Their coordination and efficiency, I believe, goes many miles in offering that memorable wellness experience guests crave.

I’m also all for the school that approaches wellness from a perspective of balancing the traditional and the modern. In-vogue equipment though required can only be effective to a certain point. It is in fact, the tender human touch that is the much-needed balm for holistic wellness or healing through stress relief. I believe, striking this ideal balance between the best-in-class equipment and our Touch-Therapy- also distinguishes Zanya from the rest.

A New World & Early Success

The magic of beginnings was something Shilpa always trusted. It was this belief that helped find her way through the maze of the new world she was entering. Strong self-belief lifted her through the shifting sands. What followed was chasing her destiny; honing her craft to a point of excellence. A series of training programs with the most renowned masters of the craft was in order. Her new avatar demanded that. It had now come to prove a point every time she stepped out. She was now a Holistic-Wellness entrepreneur out-on-her-own. The challenge motivated and brought out the best in her. She had indeed found her centre.

Shilpa’s now successful stint as a wellness expert saw her in various shades providing hair, skin and wellness solutions. The distinguishing features being: Customized services and the use of natural products in all her sessions. She only used natural cold pressed oils, essential oils, raw and dry herbs, natural butter, plant extracts and waters to deliver outstanding results to her clients.

Her creative bent now finding an outlet, encouraged her to brew her much-loved hand-blended hair oil, customized body and face moisturizers, body oil, lip balms, under eye balm, foot balms, face and body scrubs and hair masks.

The three independent years as a holistic-wellness entrepreneur, Shilpa avers, were the most important of her professional life. They became the wind beneath her wings and for what in January 2018 evolved into the culmination of her dream: The tranquil day Spa and Salon… Zanya Wellness Private Limited. Literally translated, Zanya means “The beautiful”.

Adding another dimension to the meaning, Zanya Spa experience is tailored to make the guest feel beautiful from deep within making her truly comfortable and confident in her own skin. We, at Zanya, strongly believe that “Beauty is not in the face, but a light in the heart.”

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

We look ahead to create a world tuned in-to the abundance of beauty around it through our close to Natural Base unisex Personal Care Products and Customized Skincare, Hair-care and SPA services. An academy which will truly impart knowledge by providing quality education for skill development in the Wellness Industry is also on the anvil. Doing so, we believe, will be our contribution back to society both in terms of creating jobs for the needy and also in supporting passionate entrepreneurs like at Zanya who want to live their dreams.

Our Mission

We are into the business of holistic wellness to make every guest feel the beauty inside them by providing international class customized Beauty treatments and uplifting Spa experiences at affordable prices, thus doing our bit in educating people on the importance of such treatments and in turn facilitating them to accept it as their basic need

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