Mani Spa

Mani Spa

Indulge in the Ultimate Mani Spa Experience:

Our Mani Spa experience goes beyond the ordinary manicure, offering a journey that takes care of your hands and nails in the most luxurious and revitalizing treatments.

What to Expect:

Consultation: Your Mani Spa experience begins with a consultation to understand your preferences, nail health, and desired look. Our experienced nail technicians will provide personalized recommendations to enhance the beauty of your hands.

Nail Shaping and Cuticle Care: Our technician will carefully shape your nails to perfection and tend to your cuticles, ensuring a neat and polished appearance.

Exfoliation: Enjoy a gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and promote smooth, radiant hands.

Luxurious Hand Soak: Immerse your hands in a soothing and aromatic hand soak that helps relax your muscles and hydrate your skin.

Customized Nail Treatment: Choose from a variety of high-quality nail polishes or opt for a natural, buffed finish. Our Mani Spa offers a range of options to suit your style.

Nail Art (Optional): Elevate your look with our optional nail art services, ranging from elegant designs to intricate patterns. Let your nails be a canvas for your creativity.

Finishing Touches: Your Mani Spa experience concludes with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring each nail is perfectly polished and your hands feel rejuvenated.

Benefits of Our Mani Spa

Indulging in our Mani Spa at Zanya goes beyond a typical manicure. We offer a comprehensive and luxurious experience that not only enhances the beauty of your nails but also provides a range of benefits for your hands and overall well-being. Here are the key advantages of choosing our Mani Spa:

Why Choose Zanya for Mani Spa

Expertise and Skill: Our nail technicians are highly skilled and experienced professionals. They are experts in nail care, ensuring that you receive a beautifully executed Mani Spa.

Overall Approach: We provide an overall approach to nail care. Our Mani Spa is not just about aesthetics but also focuses on promoting nail health, relaxation, and overall well-being.

Customized Services: Your preferences and needs are our priority. We offer customized services, allowing you to tailor your Mani Spa experience to achieve the look and feel you desire.

High-Quality Products: We use only the highest quality nail products, ensuring a long-lasting and beautiful manicure. Our selection includes a range of colors, finishes, and optional nail art for you to choose from.

Relaxing Environment: Zanya provides a calming environment for your Mani Spa. Soft lighting, soothing music, and comfortable surroundings contribute to a truly relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Focus on Nail Health: We prioritize the health of your nails. Our nail technicians pay careful attention to shaping, cuticle care, and overall nail well-being to ensure that your nails not only look beautiful but are also healthy.

Flexible Scheduling: We understand the demands of a busy lifestyle. Our salon offers flexible scheduling options to accommodate your schedule, making it convenient for you to enjoy a Mani Spa whenever you need a moment of self-care.

Affordable Pricing: We believe in delivering premium services without premium prices, making our services accessible to all.

Elevate your nail care routine to a new look with Zanya’s Mani Spa. Book your appointment today and let our nail technicians transform your hands into beauty and relaxation.

Tuesday – Sunday: 11 AM – 7 PM

Monday: Closed

You can visit our booking page, fill out the appointment form and submit the form to make an appointment. Alternatively, you can call +91 98190 87297 or +91 98137 03640 to book an appointment.

We offer consultation on selecting the right stylist or colorist based on customer preferences or hair needs.

We basically offer services of four categories: 

  1. Hair Care Services
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Our Hair Care services starts from Rs 800 and Skin care services start from RS 1,200

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